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I have been avid fan of miami vice since it first episode in 1984. As with season 1, the majority of the music is light pop, although a greater number of darker, sombre tracks are used where appropriate. And, for good measure, hipos the best of miami vice is not simply, as one might suppose, a singledisc distillation of the two miami vice tv soundtrack albums of the 1980s, although, like those discs, it is largely given over to poprock songs of the era that were heard in episodes of the show. A testament to the creativity of the team that kept it going. Here are 20 stars you didnt know were on miami vice. A former vice member, evan freed, is now working undercover with atf to bring down an arms dealer. The first four seasons of miami vice are available to watch on hulu, so if your favorite actor is on this list, then youre likely just a click away from seeing them in action in one of the greatest television dramas of all time.

The series concluded on may 21, 1989, with freefall, after 17 episodes, but later nbc aired three new episodes after the series finale. The show had a great influence on popular culture in the 80s, from beautiful women, fast cars, to cool clothes, miami vice set the tone for the greater part of the. That album is a reduction of hammers 2002 album, miami vice. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show csi. Starring don johnson and philip michael thomas, created by anthony yerkovich and produced by michael mann, miami vice focused on the miami police departments vice squad and. Investigating a porn baron, crockett and tubbs become involved with an undercover fbi agent who may have gone native and become a criminal, and may have murdered an underage porn starlet. Crocketts vietnam journalist buddy, ira stone, is backclaiming to have footage of a secret u.

Crockett and tubbs are two undercover detectives working in the underworld of miami. Watch miami vice season 3 episode 2 online stones war. Sep 23, 2002 under miami s bright sun, csi team leader horatio caine investigates crimes by looking at the forensic evidence. Miami vice is remembered for its eighties fashion and cars, and also brilliantly used the city and scenes from surrounding south florida as a backdrop for the actionthis season one episode is devoted to jai alai, which is perhaps more popular in florida than in any other state. The style of the sets and the fashions, the boldness of the cops and the bad guys, the bright, surreal day shots melding with the murky noir night shots, and the music oh, the impact the music had on the scenes and how we viewers felt. This is what mirror image tried at the end of season four, but crocketts amnesia was absurd. Visit tunefind for music from your favorite tv shows and movies. View 3 episodes online for free and an additional 232 episodes from seasons 1 to 10 of csi. Watch miami vice episodes online season 1 1985 tv guide. Miami vice is noted for its innovative use of stereo broadcast music, particularly countless pop and rock hits of the 1980s and the distinctive, synthesized instrumental music of jan hammer. Focusing on the miami metrodade police vice department and its continued battle against the illicit drug. Season five of miami vice is the final season of the series.

Season 2 season 2 of miami vice featured 90 unique songs during the course of its 22 episodes, the most of any season of the show. Nov 12, 2012 miami vice season 1, episodes 21 and 22. Miami vice in the air tonight scene hd by miami vice. Miami vice season 1 episode 2 nbc classics youtube. Tvguide has every full episode so you can stayuptodate and watch your favorite show miami vice anytime, anywhere. A major drug dealer thats being investigated and his ruthless partner, a brothel madam, frame a professional jai alai player for murder of a prostitute to blackmail the athletes customs agent brother into selling crockett and tubbs out. Redhaired with a pair of ubiquitous sunglasses, caine is a big fan of making dramatic statements as he puts on his everpresent sunglasses.

Watch stones war season 3, episode 2 of miami vice or get episode details on nbc. All 86 songs featured in miami vice season 2 soundtrack, listed by episode with scene descriptions. The episode was one of vices darkest, even by the nihilistic standards of the third season, and involved criminals kidnapping babies from colombia and smuggling them to miami to. The third season concluded on may 8, 1987 after 24 episodes, with the season finale heroes of the revolution. Super stars in the music world, and everyone in the music world stood in line to contribute or play a part in whatever episode each miami vice proposed. Nov, 2007 miami vice, testarossa, season3 1of3 per haps. If you havent watched any of it i recommenced watching the 1st episode, take in the atmosphere and the music and you might love it. Miami vice is a fascinating cultural document of the 1980s as. Watch miami vice online full episodes all seasons yidio.

Season 1 brothers keeper on directv vice detectives crockett and tubbs join forces to capture a colombian drug kingpin in the pilot episode of the series. Miami vice season 2 episode 1 final shootout by burt so. Season 2 is more a definitive miami vice season, where all the other cast of the show like olivia brown, john diehl, edward james olmos, sandra santiago, micheal talbot set out and shine in one of the best cops dramas in television history outside of hawaii 50, cagney and lacey. A district attorney is killed at a wedding for getting too close to a frenchcanadian drug lord thats operating in miami. They uncover criminals that are an old enemies of lt. Miami vice season 2 episode 12 nbc classics youtube.

Miami vices generation isnt the one that started this fight, but it was the one defined by it. One of his earliest credits was in a season 3 episode of miami vice, entitled baby blues. In some ways i see red tape as the proper climax of miami vice. Streaming colin macleod hunts for the man responsible for the death of his love. This 2006 variousartists album titled the best of miami vice and released on universals hipo reissue imprint is not to be confused with the 2004 jan hammer album called the best of miami vice and released on aao records. Sonny crockett don johnson, an undercover cop for the miami vice department and ricardo tubbs philip michael thomas, a new york street cop, unwillingly team up on assignment to apprehend a colombian cocaine smuggler in this twohour pilot episode of the explosive, groundbreaking detective series, miami vice. Many consider this the best miami vice episode of all time, and you can certainly make a case for it. Season 3 of miami vice premiered on september 26, 1986 on nbc, with the season premiere when irish eyes are crying. Under miamis bright sun, csi team leader horatio caine investigates crimes by looking at the forensic evidence. The complete collection, which consists of the composers instrumental music, some of it. After three seasons of nihilistic injustices, one of our heroes snaps and goes rogue. Deux flics a miami miami vice est une serie televisee americaine creee par anthony yerkovich et produite par michael mann.

Miami vice season 2 episode 14 target practice by burt so. Watch whatever works season 2, episode 3 of miami vice or get episode details on nbc. Miami vice 100th episode celebration 1989 short clip 103 0 0. Since the victim was a close friend of the criminals lawyer, sonny tries to make the lawyer do something about it.

They must reconcile long enough to calibrate efforts in the weapons sting. Apr 06, 2014 all the songs from the popular tv show miami vice. Castillo edward james olmos is contacted by a former associate dean stockwell whos on the run from both the cia and the kgb. Every cop show of today, is but a shadow to the influence of production, sound and action first pioneered on miami vice. Latest movies and shows for free without buffering. He chases the immortal marcus octavius across centuries as his quest threatens to take over his life and heart. If theres a face to put on this war, its that former actor turned maniacal world leader, reagans, and unlike every other show of its time, miami vice was the only one that saw that goofy, grinning face and not only refused to bow its. We learned a few things about crocketts past, and watched him fall in and out love very quickly. Miami vice season 1 episode 2 nbc classics by nbc classics. Season 1 episode 2 brothers keeper 2 miami detective sonny crockett reluctantly teams with new york cop rico tubbs when both of them end up pursuing a drug dealer who killed their partners.

It opens and shuts on peter gabriel classics, has a strong gunrunning plot, and the direction is flawless. Sonny and evan have a mysterious past that tubbs is determined to learn. Castillo and have also kidnapped castillos longlost wife. The helping people theme a good sell to keep the viewer watching. The season premiered on november 4, 1988, with the episode hostile takeover part 2.

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