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Digital guitar tuner is a free windows software, which lets you accurately tune your guitar using direct input, microphone or midi tones. Dr fermi tabulator converts ascii tablature to a standard midi file gnometab guitar tablature editor for gnome2. Gstring guitar tuner with gtk interface guituner very nice tuner from fabio checconi jtuner nice javabased guitar tuner from michael corlett kguitune instrument tuner for kde. Ls tune is a virtual strobe tuner for windows, linux, and mac. Linux guitar tuner software free download linux guitar tuner. Guituner is a simple guitar tuning program for linux. Musical tuner is a simple tool dedicated to determining the frequency response of your sound card. Simple to use, pitchperfect eliminates the need of tuning a guitar conventionally and will automatically detect the note you are playing. Play a note, and this guitar tuner will display it. This feature focuses in selecting the finest linux applications that are targeted at guitarists. Guitar tuner is a software allowing to tune a guitar according to a defined chord. It can be used as a frequency counter, with practical use in tuning musical instruments. Guitar tuner free guitar tuners online tuners fender. Audio plugins for all operating systems windows, mac os x, linux, ios and android, tagged as tuner.

This tuner tunes makes it easy to play in perfect pitch all the time and eliminates any need to buy those expensive microphone tuners at the music shop. If you have a digital audio device that can connect your guitar to a pc, here is. Download free guitar tuner a userfriendly program that helps you tune acoustic and electric guitars, while offering support for volume adjustments and integrated leds for displaying which. All of the software featured here is released under freely distributable licenses. It features accurate tuning and fast reliable note detection. Some linuxbased distributions have adopted lingot to be part of their software repositories. Guituner tries to detect the pitch of the sound recorded in real time from the audio device using some methods by now only based on fft that you can configure at runtime. You will find tablature software in the tablature category and software to slow down guitar solos in the slow down music category. A simple piece of software for a simple task, this download is aimed at helping guitarists tune their instruments.

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