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First, open the amxmodxconfigsi file with your favorite text editor. Authentication, password, access right, connection properties. In this document you can see amxx commands for admins and for. By admin february 23, 2009 counter strike 82 comments. Specialbespoke packages click below to download a special package which includes amx mod and some thirdparty custom plugins provided on our website. Chiar daca este vechi, counter strike ramane in continuare cel mai.

Accestea sunt cele mai cunoscute comenzi admin pentru amxmodx, ele sunt folosite pe serverele cs care au amxmodx instalat cu ele puteti da comenzi serverului ce sa faca, comenzi admin au in dreptu lor explicatia fiecarei comenzi admin. Navigate to the official amx mod x download page and download the latest version of amx mod x. Comenzi admin amx mod x amxx tutoriale counter strike pc. This plugin allows admins who are spectating and are in first person view of another player to see the. Comenzi counter strike amxmodx comenzi amxprograme. Amx mod x amxx is a metamod plugin which allows you to write modifications for halflife with small scripting language. Make sure that you download the correct file, as there are different files for different platforms. Amx mod x amxx is a metamod plugin which allows you to write modifications for halflife with small scripting. Please read the complete documentation provided here also available into each package. Get access to 16,000 woodworking plans, download 50 free plans. If youre uploading over ftp, you should extract it to a dummy location first like your desktop. Momentan toti admini care au acces kick pot folosi aceste comenzi. Extract amx mod x when you have finished downloading amx mod x, youll realize that the download is compressed. Image url html embed code bb embed code markdown embed code.

Setari g acces jucatoriparola, prezenta adminilogare. Remind you that each recent package contains metamodp 1. The last thing to do is to configure everything for cs. The downloads are classified from the latest version to the oldest version. Its also possible to ask us for a special custom package, made bespoke for you as you want, and properly by us.

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